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Question Time for top spray operator tips

Jonathan Cross
Jonathan Cross, FSOOTY 2016 Winner, has highlighted sharing experiences with other operators always helps and continues to improve.

Sprayer operators will have a chance to glean best practice tips from the top application specialists in the country at Cereals 2017.

The Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year (FSOOTY) Award finalists will be holding a Question Time session in the Syngenta Application Zone, on the company’s stand, No 118, adjacent to the Sprays & Sprayers Arena. It will take place immediately following the presentation of the FSOOTY Awards, on Wednesday 14th June.


Hosted by Syngenta Application Specialist, James Thomas, the session will give the chance to find out more on fine tuning sprayer operation to get the best results from every application.

“The FSOOTY winners, past and present, have all demonstrated their outstanding skills and knowledge across all aspects of safe and effective spraying."

"Application technique is key to deliver the ‘marginal gains’ that can get the highest possible performance from sprays,” advised James.

“The experience of top operators gives them the ability to constantly tweak and tailor techniques to prevailing conditions, such as adjusting nozzle choice, boom height or speed, to achieve accurate application at the all-important crop timing for optimum control and effective stewardship.” 

James Thomas - Syngenta Application Specialist     

James highlighted that one of the most appreciated elements of FSOOTY is the chance to share knowledge and learn from the experiences of other entrants, both during the competition and as lifelong friends on social media.

“It’s very reassuring to know there is always someone on the phone or message board who has faced similar problems before, and willing to help out with a shared quick tip or idea."

“The Cereals 2017 FSOOTY Question Time will extend the network of high performance sprayer operators and give others the chance to get involved,” he added.   

James pointed out that, with the FSOOTY judges also taking part in the Question Time, the session would also prove an invaluable chance to pick up tips for anyone looking to enter the Awards in 2018.