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New on-line training portal for farm sprayer operators

EiO webpage
The newly launched Ei OPERATOR website provides quick access to dedicated on-line training resources and information for farm sprayer operators

Ei OPERATOR is a new website offering exclusive on-line training and support for farm sprayer operators.

Designed and created by Mick Roberts, Editor of Pro Operator, in association with NRoSO and suppoorted by Syngenta, it offers an exciting suite of training modules and information resources.

Announcing the launch of Ei Operator (EiO), Mick told Syngenta: “Our aim is to help UK sprayer operators make better decisions which will have a positive impact on application choices.

“Only by showing operators what best practice looks like, will we have a positive impact out in the field.,” he argues.

Mick highlights that EiO gives easy access to the only dedicated, online resource - delivering essential information and training from its highly credible and independent team of experts.

A free area of the website for all NRoSO members can gain two CPD points, whilts the comprehensive subscription area – which costs £30 per year – can gain members up to eight NRoSO CPD points.

EiO logo

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“We will have a positive impact on current practice, thereby supporting sustainable agriculture, improving water quality and protecting the environment,” he says.

“The team at Syngenta have worked closely with us, to make sure we both educate and entertain our members."

“Knowing that we have the support of such prestigious companies, developing machinery technology, world class science and innovative crop solutions, adds credibility and kudos to the EiO site,” Mick added.

EiO pre-em training module page

The site includes a training course on pre-emergence application techiques to achieve effective coverage, whilst reducing drift.

Syngenta Application specialist, Scott Cockburn, has been instrumental in providing help and support for the new website. “It’s an exciting way to learn new techniques and pick up valuable tips.

“We would urge all operators to take advantage of the EiO content and to ensure they keep up to date with the latest developments through accredited training.”