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Hey Dudes, give us the news on Black-grass application

Spray Dudes - Get Covered - Nozzles
The Syngenta Spray Dudes use a combination of fun science and entertainment to highlight key messages that will help sprayer operators get the best performance from all their pre-emergence applications this season

This season the Syngenta Spray Dudes will be presenting a series of innovative videos to ensure spray operators understand the fundamentals of getting the best from their pre-emergence applications.

Using a series of sketches and props The Spray Dudes get bounced, barracked, bombarded with balls and really very wet - all in the name of science.

Spray Dudes - ball throwing

But it ably illustrates the challenges faced by operators to cut out drift and achieve complete coverage of the soil surface that will deliver the best performance for weed control.

The first videos will be live this week on the Syngenta website and YouTube channel (17 August 2017), with subsequent Spray Dude episodes over the following weeks.

In the first series of pre-em application videos, the Spray Dudes address:

Get Covered – Water volumes

Get Covered – Nozzle Choice

Go Slow – Check your speed

Go Low – Set your boom height


Although cast in a fun and entertaining format, each video has a clear and serious message around getting the best from every pre-emergence Black-grass application. The Spray Dudes are presented by Syngenta Application Specialists, Jamie Marshall Roberts and James Thomas.

Spray Dudes - lowslowcovered

At the end of the series, operators will be in no doubt that the best route is to Go Low; Go Slow and Get Covered - #lowslowcovered

Boom height

  • Set at stable 50 cm

Forward speed

  • Less than 12 km/hr

Soil coverage

  • Water volume of 200 l/ha
  • Nozzle choice of 90% Drift Reduction Nozzles

The new advice for Black-grass pre-emergence herbicide applications is based on results of extensive research and trials at the Syngenta Black-grass Focus site at Barton near Cambridge.

Spray Dudes - Nozzle choice

James Thomas has also produced a video of the full trials’ findings and implications, which can be viewed on the Syngenta website, along with a dedicated pre-emergence herbicide Application Zone.

To find out more on getting the best from your pre-emergence sprays this autumn, visit the dedicated Application Zone webpage here.  

If you’ve seen the Barton-site Black-grass application trials, or had experience of 90% drift reducing nozzles, join the conversation to help other sprayer operators on #lowslowcovered