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90% Nozzle Offer attracts first farmer customers

Tom Bradshaw
Tom Bradshaw will be among the first farmers buying the 90% Drift Reduction Nozzles at half-price offer for his autumn pre-emergence applications this season

Tom Bradshaw of Fordham Farm, Colchester, will be one of the first farmers to take advantage of the Syngenta half-price offer on 90% Drift Reduction Nozzles, in preparation for pre-emergence applications this autumn.

Having seen the results of the Black-grass application trials at Barton, he’s keen to put the advice into practice for pre-emergence applications across the farm’s 1500 ha of arable cropping.

“We need to make best use of every aspect of an integrated Black-grass strategy to economically keep weed populations in check," he said..

" Better application to improve the efficacy of any pre-em treatment, whilst at the same time minimising risk of drift and environmental loss, is a further advance and entirely in keeping with our ethos to increase yields and output without impacting on the environment,” added Tom.

He has already pre-ordered his special offer 90% drift reducing nozzles for the farm’s 36m 6000lt Horsch Leeb trailed sprayer to use this autumn.

See Tom's comments and follow his results on Twitter: @proagriltd or #lowslowcovered

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