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iOSR farm trials for 2019

Agronomy Issues
Even pod set on strong growth of Sutton Estates OSR - Berkshire May 2018

This season iOSR growers across the country will be undertaking a series of field scale trials to investigate use of spring PGR treatments - to enhance canopy structure and tailor flowering duration – along with Amistar applications to optimise green leaf performance.   

The trials will also utilise potential for satellite imagery assessment of field trials, to give real time information that can be integrated into digital ag decision making.

Syngenta iOSR Field Technical Manager, Georgina Wood, said: “New farm technologies enable faster and accurate assessment of crop performance before and after treatments on a field scale.

Georgina Wood

On farm trials with iOSR growers gives a better chance to evaluate agronomy tools on a field scale and real-life scenarios that other growers can benefit from more, reports Georgina Wood


“With the scale of detail we can begin to pinpoint precisely which crops will benefit from treatments and timings, to give a valuable picture of future potential and advice.”

Lincolnshire grower, Oliver Smith, has some limited experience of spring PGR use on a crop with a relatively high plant population, to manage the lodging risk. But whilst it stayed standing, the contribution of the PGR had not been fully evaluated.

Oliver Smith iOSR grower

Oliver Smith is using the iOSR trials opportunity to assess PGR performance in his own farm situation

“I would like to compare specific OSR PGRs, to fungicides with PGR effects and with untreated, to assess for yield and general performance,” he said.

“The accepted wisdom for cereals is that in the absence of lodging a PGR will cause a yield penalty. I would like to establish on farm whether the same would be seen from OSR.”

Crops in the iOSR trials will also be entered into YEN monitoring results, to give a benchmark of physical and financial performance.   

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Along with details of iOSR growers are putting the tools into practice

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