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Green cover for summer soil health - listen now

Agronomy Issues
Richard Barnes

Whilst spring drilling is continuing apace, most growers will face the prospect of some fields and areas remaining uncropped this summer. But rather than leave land bare, Richard Barnes of Kings Crops urges farmers to make better use of the opportunity for agronomic and ecological gain.

Cover crops could help to restore soil structure and prevent soil and nutrient losses from fields, as well as recycling nutrients from deeper in the soil profile that could be especially beneficial with min-till establishment systems. 

Listen here as Richard explains options for summer cover crops this season (opens as audio file)

There are key choices to be made for short, mid or long season options, as well as practical advice for establishment and care, he says. 

Richard also highlights the potential for Countryside Stewardship schemes and ideas to future proof payments under new proposals

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Furthermore, Belinda Bailey of Syngenta reports on the Operation Pollinator seed offers and initiatives, including the Green Headland and Bees'n'Seeds mixes.

Listen here to how the Syngenta offers could fit on your farm

Watch the full presentations from Richard and Belinda from an on-line grower meeting, hosted on Zoom by eastern counties Area Manager, Jennifer Kingsmill, to keep the industry up to date with latest developments during the Covid-19 lockdown (opens on YouTube).

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