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AHDB announces extension for SL567A in vegetable crops

Agronomy Issues
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AHDB has announced an extension of authorisation (EAMU) for the Syngenta fungicide SL567A for Brussels sprout, cabbage and cauliflower, along with a second EAMU for outdoor broad bean.

The authorisations are available for growers with immediate effect, from 2 September.

Find out more from AHDB here

These Extensions of Authorisations relate to the use of SL 567A as a fungicide for the control of white blister and downy mildew on Brussels sprout, cabbage and cauliflower, along with broad bean,

Syngenta Brassica Alert reports over recent weeks have given repeated warnings of high white blister risk, based on the presence of infective spores and weather conditions conducive to disease attack.

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AHDB highlighted the extension of authorisation for SL567A was sought to provide an alternative product containing metalaxyl-M, following the withdrawal of Fubol Gold.

It also instructed that SL567A must always be applied in tank-mix with another fungicide with an alternative mode of action and at a rate that is effective against the target disease, to minimise the risk of resistance developing. Amistar Top, for example, has a label recommendation for the control of white blister in brassica crops. Refer to the product selector pages for more information.

Download the EAMU for Brussels sprout, cabbage and cauliflower here

Download the EAMU for broad bean here