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Spring Combineable Crops Meeting 2019 - Holderness


Fill up on a full English breakfast and equip yourself with the latest agronomy insights to prepare for the season ahead: hear from our experts, network with local farmers and agronomists, and pick up BASIS and NRoSO points.

Highlights include:

  • Tailoring your fungicide and PGR programmes to location, drilling date and variety, and how to adapt in  season. Compare results from our adaptive and programmed approaches at Innovation Centres in the unpredictable 2018 season.
  • Spring grass weed control – latest rate and application advice for controlling ryegrass and wild oats with new Axial Pro.
  • Oilseed rape – canopy manipulation will be key for many crops following the mild autumn. Keeping the canopy green helps build yield and oil to maximise profitability even in a low disease pressure year.
  • Sustainable farming – results from the first 12 months of our five year project investigating conservation agriculture and sustainable farming practices.


Registration is closed.