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Robin Appel Malting Barley Conference

Southern Spring Malting Barley Conference 2018


Syngenta and Robin Appel Ltd are presenting the 2018 Southern Spring Malting Barley Conference which this year will be held on Tuesday 4th December at Norton Park Hotel.

Guest Speakers
The Barley Market: Jack Watts, NFU Chief Combinable Crops Advisor - Jack will provide his inimitable insight into the barley market
Varieties: Sam Brooke - Head of Seed and Seed Treatment - Syngenta - discussing new and existing varieties and looking into the future pipeline.
Our Industry: Gary Mills-Thomas - Head of Sygenta UK/Ireland - will give us an overview of our industry in these turbulent times - challenges and opportunities.
The Global Malt Market: Jonathan Roberts (Barley Procurement Manager) and Sam Colman (Key Account Manager) of Boortmalt
Agronomy update including Nitrogen inputs, growth regulation and fungicide resistance: Iain Hamilton - Syngenta Senior Field Technical Manager
Harvest review, contacts and varieties: Jonathan Arnold - Robin Appel Ltd

We will conclude with the results of the 2018 Southern Spring Malting Barley Competition.

Registration is closed.