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Doncaster Ryegrass Open Day 2019


The Syngenta Ryegrass Focus Site in Yorkshire, near Doncaster, is dedicated to a trials programme designed to provide growers with proven practical integrated control solutions. Join us for the tour of the trial site where we will demonstrate novel techniques and suggest solutions to manage ryegrass weed populations at economically and agronomically sustainable levels. The farm walk will be followed by discussion of the results so far so far and an opportunity to ask our grass weed experts any burning questions.

Registration is closed.

Topics under discussion will be:

  • Herbicides vs ryegrass – pre-emergence programmes along with stacking early post-ems and follow-up applications in the autumn and spring using contact herbicides
  • Hybrid Barley vs ryegrass – where and why hybrid barley is competitive against ryegrass through the year 
  • Drilling direction vs ryegrass – Shading effects of north-south vs. east-west drilling
  • Seed Treatments and Drilling Dates vs ryegrass - Looking at the impact of delayed drilling with and without Vibrance ® Duo on ryegrass control 
  • Spring Barley vs ryegrass – Comparing varieties of spring barley and seed treatments on suppression of ryegrass
  • Application work – Large scale work looking at water volumes and good vs bad practice