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AF Example Spring Breakfast Meeting


Enjoy a full English breakfast and hear about the latest agronomy insights from our experts to prepare for the season ahead, network with local farmers and agronomists, and pick up BASIS and NRoSO points while we consider: 

  • How can digital support your decisions on farm and save you time? 
  • With all the changes in the world of cereal fungicides how can you most effectively tailor your programme to suit your situation? 
  • How can you adapt your cereal PGR programme to get the best from your varieties and keep them standing after last season’s lodging? 
  • How can you best establish spring barley and manage inputs to meet end market specifications? 
  • What is the latest application advice to help control grass weeds, including black-grass, ryegrass, wild oats and brome? 
  • Can integrated pest management programmes be developed to help reduce BYDV? 
  • Can you manipulate oilseed rape canopy architecture and keep it greener for longer to build yield and oil, maximising profitability? 
  • Learn more about our five year conservation project for tips you can use on farm to support sustainable farming practices.

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