Managing pests in OSR

Pollen beetle OSR buds

Every pollen beetle destroys an average of nine buds

Each bud has potential to transform into a pod and produce seed. This season's strong, forward OSR crops will be more susceptible to pollen beetle damage. ADAS advocates lower thresholds apply in these crops that have less ability for compensatory growth.

Pollen beetle thresholds (AHDB cereals and oilseeds)

The thresholds are based on the maximum number of buds each beetle can destroy and the number of excess flowers produced:

  • <30 plants/m2, the threshold is 25 pollen beetles/plant
  • 30-50 plants/m2, the threshold is 18 pollen beetles/plant
  • 50-70 plants/m2, the threshold is 11 pollen beetles/plant
  • >70 plants/m2, the threshold is 7 pollen beetles/plant