Maize Question Time for Ask The Kernel

Your questions on all aspects of maize growing answered

Maize has the potential to provide one of the highest energy outputs per hectare of any crop – to power livestock diets and anaerobic digester generation.

But how to get the best from the crop? The quick and simple answer to Ask The Kernel.  Pose your questions and challenges to the Ask The Kernel panel of leading industry experts, including Syngenta and the Maize Growers Association (MGA).

Read the first Q&A session to get your maize off to the best start here.

Get the questions started

Specialists from across the industry will look to use their experience and knowledge to provide practical and proven answers to a broad range of subjects that will improve overall maize productivity and consistency.
Pose any challenge now:

  • How fine do I have to get the seedbed – is it worth the extra cultivation costs?
  • What is the optimum seed rate for AD maize – is it any different to forage maize?
  • How soon should I sow – do I have to wait for 10°C soil temperature?
  • How can I get the best results from my pre-emergence herbicide application?
  • Does fertiliser placement give maize seed a kick-start for spring?
  • How do I know if my plants need trace element supplements?
  • When is the best time to harvest for forage quality?