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Find out more about BELFRY, the disease resister!


BELFRY joined the HYVIDO Hybrid Barley family in 2015 and features a strong disease profile as well as strong straw which offers both brackling and lodging resistance.  Added to this BELFRY also offers superior yield potential with it sitting as the number two variety on the AHDB Recommended List.

HYVIDO Belfry variety summary

Soil preference

Suitable for all soil types and performs well even on marginal land

Regional positioning

Performs well in all regions, particularly in the West

Growth habit

Medium prostrate with high tillering ability and early maturity

Sowing rate

200 seeds per m2

Market options

Six-row feed, hybrid

End-use group

Livestock feed

Variety Overview

We've compared a few varieties on the AHDB Recommended List 2017 and shared some key statistics we think you'll be interested in.  Download the variety sheet for some more in depth information you can carry with you everywhere.

Agronomic features


Resistance to lodging


Straw height without PGR


Straw height with PGR



(days +/- Cassata, -ve = earlier)

HYVIDO Belfry 8 [110] 103 -1
HYVIDO Volume 7 109 104 -1
KWS Glacier 7 88 84 -1

[ ] = limited data



  Untreated Yield* Treated Yield* Eastern Yield* Western Yield* Northern Yield*
HYVIDO Belfry 91 108 108 108 107
HYVIDO Volume 84 106 105 107 107
KWS Glacier 80 102 102 102 103

* % treated control


Grain quality


Specific Weight



(% through 2.25mm)


(% through 2.5mm) 

HYVIDO Belfry 67.2 3.5 10.3
HYVIDO Volume 67.5 5.4 15.3
KWS Glacier 68.8 2.7 8.0


Disease profile




Yellow rust


Brown rust




Net blotch


HYVIDO Belfry 5 [8] 7 7 7
HYVIDO Volume 5 [8] 5 7 6
KWS Glacier 3 [8] 7 4 7

[ ] = limited data

Breeders Insights

BELFRY is the second new Hydrid 6-row feed barley from the HYVIDO family this year. With excellent lodging resistance and a good specific weight of 67.2kg/hl, BELFRY gives an exceptional yield that will consistently deliver a better economic return across all regions of the UK.

At 103cm BELFRY is the shortest of the HYVIDO family on the Recommended List. Where BELFRY really excels is its disease profile, it offers great resistance with no weaknesses making it the perfect choice for those in challenging growing areas, either with disease worries or high winds.  Finally, it's worth noting that BELFRY is also early to mature allowing for spreading of the harvest workload and is an excellent entry for Oilseed Rape.