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Sustainable Farming Open Day - Elveden Farms

Field meeting

Now in its third season, this year’s focus for the Syngenta sustainability site at Elveden Estates is growing a more sustainable milling wheat crop. In addition to continuing investigations on reduced tillage and the benefits of a living clover mulch, we will also be discussing;

  • Wheat varieties including the potential new group 1, SY CHEER
  • Disease control, introducing Syngenta's newly registered cereal fungicide, MIRAVIS® Plus with ADEPIDYN® technology
  • Our latest findings on endophyte-based bacteria NUELLO® iN seed treatment and VIXERAN® foliar use in quality crops -exploring both application timing and nozzle technologies

BASIS and NRoSO points available.

Refreshments and food will be available so please make sure to let us know if you are coming and we can stock up!