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Spring Combinable Crops Meeting 2020 - Forfar

Field meeting

Spring 2020 season: hear from Area Managers, Katie Murray and Iain Lindsay on:-

  • Seed treatments, understanding the importance of disease control and establishment from the very beginning of the season.   
  • Varieties, choosing the variety for your farm and end market.
  • Your aim is to achieve the best out of your crops, learn how adapting your inputs can help you achieve your goal. 
  • Effectively tailoring your cereal fungicide programme to suit your situation will be key due to the recent changes. 
  • Spring Barley management, how to achieve the yield and quality needed for your end user. 
  • Digital is at the front of everyone's minds, hear about our latest digital solutions and the importance of application.  

Meeting will start with a full Scottish breakfast.

BASIS and NRoSO points will be available

Registration is closed.