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New Scheme FAQ

Is Partnership Plan ending?

No, this is just a new beginning - Partnership Plan is here to stay. It will retain many of its best featuresit is evolving to better fit its member's needs.

During the brief period of no platform, how do I access my submissions and update my membership?

Contact the Partnership Plan Team who can facilitate these requests.

Can I still use my business’ prepaid Wirecard?

Yes, and if anything changes, we will keep you informed.

Will my business get the same reward?

The points calculation will change to be less complicated and more transparent, so you have clear visibility of how you are rewarded for Syngenta product purchases.With this change in the way points are calculated, on average, across all our members, we do not expect to see big differences when comparing the old and new schemes, based on the use of the same products.

How can my business spend its points in the new version?

The new version of Partnership Plan sees the return of a catalogue of items, as well as the ability to claim the reward in the form of a prepaid card. We also aim to give clear timeframes for when your business can expect to receive its reward.