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FAQs - Sept/Oct 2016

Does AUSTRAL PLUS have activity on leatherjackets?

No data to suggest any activity on this pest.

Grower has winter barley seed that was treated with AUSTRAL PLUS two years ago, is it still OK to drill?

The AUSTRAL PLUS label states that treated seed is to be drilled within 3 months of application because trials have shown that there would be a drop off in efficacy after that time. Grower can drill it, but will probably have no/very little pest/fungicide protection.

Barnyard grass is becoming a very problematic weed, will AXIAL control this weed in winter barley?

Trials have shown that AXIAL will give good control of barnyard grass at 0.45 l/ha from 2 lvs up to early tillering.

Can DEFY + Liberator be applied peri/post-em to winter barley?

Syngenta will not support DEFY + Liberator post-em due to crop safety concerns. Syngenta will support DEFY 2.0 + Crystal 4.0 peri/post-em in winter barley with caveats that transient crop effect may occur post-em where crops are not sufficiently hardened off.

What time of day is it best to apply HALLMARK ZEON for cabbage stem flea beetle control. Some people are suggesting spraying at night?

There is no concrete evidence for spraying HALLMARK ZEON at night. Trials are currently being carried out comparing spraying at night and during the day. The current recommendations are to spray as soon as threshold is reached or when the risk of CSFB is high, usually when it’s warm and dry. Remember some CSFB are resistant to pyrethroids, therefore control may not be complete and an insecticide with another mode of action is advised. If applying HALLMARK ZEON use at 50 mls/ha +/- a non-ionic adjuvant.

Does PLENUM control cabbage stem flea beetle in oilseed rape?

There is no label recommendation for this use, but trials have shown that PLENUM will give limited control of cabbage stem flea beetle (up to 30% control).

When does the old PLOVER labelled product (MAPP 11763) have to be used up by?

Use of existing PLOVER (MAPP 11763) stocks will have to be used up by 31 December 2017.

What are the use up dates for WAKIL XL (MAPP 10562)?

Sale and distribution of existing stocks ended on 31 March 2016. Disposal, storage and use of existing stock will end on 31 March 2017.

What is the latest safest drilling date for Hybrid winter barley varieties?

For the North & Scotland 20 October cut-off, for other parts of the UK end October to 1st week November if weather conditions suitable.

Some Syngenta products have recently changed their MAPP numbers due to major label changes, are the EAMU’s for these products carried across to these new MAPP numbers?

EAMU approval holders must reapply for the EAMU’s again, because they will be lost as soon as the old MAPP number expires.