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FAQs September 2015

My oilseed rape has not been CRUISER OSR treated and I’m finding notching from the cabbage stem flea beetles, what do Syngenta recommend?

Apply HALLMARK @ 50 mls/ha at the first signs of notching and following 10-14 days later with another application. If control fails after the first application, resistance may be suspected, in that case choose a different mode of action.

Winter wheat is peri-em, can DEFY be applied and at what dose rate?

Yes, DEFY can be applied at a maximum dose rate of 3.0 l/ha peri-em.

Which products can be mixed with DEFY if winter wheat is peri- to post-em?

Liberator @ 0.6 l/ha or Crystal @ 4.0 l/ha with no more than 2.0 l/ha DEFY.

What is the dose rate of FUSILADE MAX for small volunteer cereals in winter oilseed rape?

Trials have shown that 0.4 l/ha for volunteer cereals up to the 3 lf stage, increasing to 0.5 l/ha for larger weeds, will give good control.

As there is widespread resistance to Myzus persicae with pyrethroids, which other product can be applied for aphid control in winter oilseed rape?

PLENUM at 0.3 kg/ha x 1 application at first signs of aphid activity.  Repeat with an alternative insecticide if further aphids appear.

Does PLENUM control cabbage stem flea beetle in oilseed rape?

There is no label recommendation for this use, but trials have shown that PLENUM will give limited control of cabbage stem flea beetle (up to 30% control).

Can PLENUM be used at 0.3 kg/ha with an adjuvant?

Trials have shown better activity of aphids with PLENUM at 0.2 kg/ha when used with an adjuvant than when PLENUM used alone at 0.2 kg/ha. Syngenta do not support the use of 0.3 kg/ha in mix with an adjuvant.

Oilseed rape is at 2-4 leaf stage, can PLOVER be used before the 4 leaf stage?

Trials have shown PLOVER can be used before the 4 leaf stage of the crop.  Do not apply PLOVER before the 4 leaf stage in complex tank mixes.

When is the best time to be applying PLOVER for Phoma control?

As soon as 10-20% of plants are showing Phoma leaf spotting.  Apply 0.25 l/ha PLOVER and follow 4-6 weeks later if more lesions appear.

Peas being treated with WAKIL XL, but they are not being drilled until next spring, will the WAKIL XL still be effective?

Yes, as long as the treated seed is drilled within a year of treating.