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FAQs October 2018

Which way do the new Teejet TTI 110-05 nozzles face?

There is a black dot on them which should face forwards.

Purchased the new Teejet TTI 110-05 nozzles and they don’t fit the nozzle holders on my sprayer?

Nozzle holders have changed over the years from Eezifit 1 to Eezifit 3, and if this is an older sprayer, then likely to be an Eezifit 1. The Teejet TTI 110-05 only fit in the Eezifit 3 nozzle holders. Alternatively, nozzle adaptors can be purchased from the sprayer manufacturer or sprayer nozzle dealer.

Can ADIGOR be added to AXIAL PRO when used at recommended rates, i.e., 0.6 or 0.82 l/ha?

There is no need to add any more adjuvant, this would be doubling the amount. Syngenta has no crop safety data to support this especially if AXIAL PRO is being mixed with other products.

Have ADIGOR in the store, can it be used with any other products?

ADIGOR is a methylated rapeseed oil, therefore is can be used with any product that requires an MSO.

Can AXIAL PRO be mixed with any flufenacet-based or DFF products post-emergence in winter barley?

We will support pendimethalin (which is the safest option), also straight FFCT @ 120 g/ha or Crystal @ 2.0 l/ha but not Liberator or DFF containing products.

When is the use up date for AXIAL 100EC?

Growers must use AXIAL 100EC up by 30 June 2019.

What is the situation regarding the re-registration of chlorothalonil (BRAVO)?

The a.i. expiry has been extended to October 2019. However, the vote may go ahead at the SCOPAFF meeting in December 2018. Watch this space!

What is the situation regarding the re-registration of diquat (REGLONE)?

Unfortunately, the re-registration of diquat has not been renewed. Syngenta and distribution to sell by 4 May 2019, with a use up for growers of 4 February 2020 according to the Commission, CRD have not yet confirmed these dates.

Can VIBRANCE DUO be co-applied with AUSTRAL PLUS?

No, but Signal can.

Concerned that Hybrid barley has not been drilled, should the seed rate be increased to 350 seeds/m2?

If delayed due to conditions this month, there is no need to increase seed rate above 250 seeds/m2.