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FAQs November 2018

What is the persistency of AUSTRAL PLUS for wheat bulb fly?

8-12 weeks dependent on weather and soil conditions.

Black-grass has come through after a pre-em in winter barley, can AXIAL PRO be used at 1.1 l/ha rate now?

No, only 0.82 l/ha can be used before end of December. The 1.1 l/ha rate can be used on winter barley after 1 January.

Is CALARIS going?

Yes, I’m afraid so.  Sale by manufacturer and supply by distribution is 28 February 2019. Use up by growers is 28 February 2020.

Applied DEFY @ 3.0 l/ha + Liberator @ 0.6 l/ha on winter wheat post-em, noticed that there is some bleaching, will it grow away?

Yes, this will grow away and could be the result of DFF mixed with the wetters in DEFY causing the bleaching.

Now we know that diquat (REGLONE) is going to be revoked, what are the use up dates?

Sale by manufacturer and supply by distribution is 4 May 2019. Use up by growers is 4 February 2020.

Notice there’s a new insecticide of Syngenta’s on the market called Minecto One. What crops can it be used on and what does it control?

Minecto One contains cyantraniliprole for use in brassicas, carrots, parsnip, swede, turnip, edible podded peas, vining peas and outdoor lettuce. It has activity on caterpillars mainly, but also carrot fly, cabbage root fly and pea moth.

Looking at growing LAUREATE spring barley. How does it compare to its competitors?

High yielding variety approved for both brewing and distilling. Contracts available from all maltsters.

What is the earliest LAUREATE spring barley can be drilled?

From mid-November onwards.

What is the latest date that SY VENTURE can be drilled on light land?

End of November with a seed rate of 325 seeds/m2.

Can HYVIDO Hybrid barley still be drilled in early November?

Can be drilled in Scotland up to end of October, but for the rest of the UK, Hybrid barleys can be drilled in November as long as soil and weather conditions allow. Consider increasing your seed rate, but do not exceed 260 seeds/m2.