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FAQs May 2016

What would be the suggested fungicide programme for winter wheat at T3?

If a T3 is required, suggest applying AMISTAR OPTI at 0.75-1.0 l/ha +/- a fusarium active triazole.

Can ALTO ELITE be mixed with HALLMARK ZEON in flowering beans?

Not if bees are foraging, due to enhanced toxicity to pyrethroids when mixed with triazoles. However, if applied last thing at night, when bees have finished foraging, the level of toxicity to them by dawn will have declined significantly.

Can APHOX still be used for mealy cabbage aphid control in oilseed rape?

Only if APHOX has the old label on it under MAPP No 10515.  All new product will have the new MAPP No 17401 and that is only approved for use in peas and beans.

Can CALLISTO be used in game cover crops?

There is an EAMU for the use of CALLISTO in game cover, but be very careful which crops are in the game cover mix. Maize is safe, but for example, millet isn’t.

Does CALLISTO only have foliar activity (contact) or does it have any residual activity?

CALLISTO has some residual activity especially on newly emerging weeds via uptake from the soil.

Does FUSILADE MAX control barnyard grass in fodder beet?

Yes, trials have shown that when the weeds are small using 1.0-1.5 l/ha will give effective control.

Can HALLMARK ZEON be used for bruchid beetle control in beans, if so, what is the dose rate?

Trials have shown that HALLMARK ZEON will give good control of adult bruchid beetles at 75 mls/ha in 100 litres water using the DEFY nozzle alternated backwards and forwards along the boom.  Apply when temperatures have reached 20°C on 2 consecutive days and when 50% of the first pods have reached 2 cm long. To monitor bruchid activity, log on to the Syngenta website and sign up for Bruchidcast for up to date information/warnings.

Is HALLMARK ZEON effective against mealy cabbage aphid in oilseed rape?

Although not a label pest, trials have shown that HALLMARK ZEON will give incidental control of mealy cabbage aphid. Adding a non-ionic wetter will give optimum control of the pest. Suggested rate of 75 mls/ha.

Will PEAK give control of thornapple in game cover?

Thornapple is a member of the nightshade family and trials have shown that this weed is resistant to PEAK. PEAK does have an EAMU for use on game cover. CALLISTO gives good control of thornapple and can be used via an EAMU on game cover.  See Q4 for additional information.

Which winter wheat varieties are the earliest maturing?

Graham, Gallant, Cordiale, Belgrade, Grafton