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FAQs March 2020

Do Syngenta support the mixing of AMISTAR + Velum Prime on potatoes?

Syngenta do not support this mix. Suggest speaking with Bayer on this occasion.

How long after rolling a cereal crop can AXIAL Pro be applied?

There is nothing on the label, but would advise leaving at least 7 days before applying AXIAL Pro and ensure that the crop has recovered and is not suffering from any stress.  Would avoid tank mixing with any other herbicides at this time.

Is CALLISTO the only mesotrione containing product that has an EAMU for use in linseed?

Yes, CALLISTO has the only EAMU for use in linseed. Pre-emergence only at a maximum dose rate of 1.5 l/ha. User’s risk.

Can see that DEFY has an EAMU for use in vining and edible podded peas, can it also be used combining peas?

No, there is no approval, EAMU or label, for this use.

Now that diquat is no longer available, can DEFY be tank mixed with either Emerger or Gozai in potatoes for weed control?

Trials have shown that these can be safely mixed with DEFY, but please refer to the manufacturers of each as they have carried out the physical compatibility testing. Caution when applying Gozai as it can only be used up to 10% emergence in maincrop potatoes, if used beyond this timing there may be some crop effect.

Now that Mocap is not available for wireworm control in potatoes, what is the effective dose rate of NEMATHORIN?

The dose rate of NEMATHORIN for the reduction of wireworm is 15 kg/ha, broadcast and incorporated at the time of tuber planting.

What is the harvest interval for NEMATHORIN?

Do not desiccate or harvest potatoes for human or animal consumption for at least 17 weeks (119 days) after application irrespective of dose rate (15 kg or 30 kg/ha).

TOPREX has an EAMU for use in linseed, can it be tank mixed with Eagle?

Syngenta do not support tank mixes under EAMU’s, these are entirely user’s risk. There is some advice from Premium Crops to suggest not mixing any herbicides with TOPREX.

Is it too late to request a germination test for Hyvido hybrid barley that was not drilled in the autumn of 2019?

Syngenta have decided to extend the deadline to 30 April 2020.