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FAQs June 2016

Has the label for ACTELLIC 50EC changed recently?

Not for at least 2 years, when the use on the fabric of the store and use through hand held equipment was removed.  The only use is for an admixture in wheat, barley and oats only.

Spring beans have already had a 3-spray programme but are rampant with chocolate spot, is there anything that can be done now?

This year has been particularly conducive to chocolate spot with cool, wet conditions. If the crop has flowered then there will be little effect on yield and probably no need for a further fungicide. If still flowering would suggest a further fungicide, i.e., ALTO ELITE (if the maximum dose rate has not been reached already). Trials have also shown that AMISTAR @ 0.5-0.7 l/ha would give good control of chocolate spot.

Alternaria is coming in to potatoes, and have been told that stock is low of AMPHORE PLUS, what else can be used?

OLYMPUS has an EAMU for the control of alternaria in potatoes (see for the EAMU).

Diamond back moth caterpillar are making their second generation appearance in brassicas, grower has already used 100 mls HALLMARK ZEON, how much more can be used?

The maximum total dose for the use of HALLMARK ZEON on brassicas is 200 mls/ha, therefore the grower can either use 2 x 50 mls/ha or 1 x 100 mls/ha HALLMARK ZEON.

Crop of potatoes had NEMATHORIN 16 weeks ago, can the crop be desiccated now and then harvested after 17 weeks (119 days)?

If NEMATHORIN has been used, then the potatoes must stay in the ground until 119 days (17 weeks) has passed. No desiccation or green top lifting should occur until after 119 days.

Why has laid barley been removed from the REGLONE label with immediate effect?

The EU MRL was reduced with immediate effect, therefore Syngenta have removed laid barley from the label. CRD have not revoked the crops from the label yet, therefore if growers have old labelled product, they are still entitled to use it, but Syngenta would advise against it due to increased risk of MRL exceedence.

If potatoes have failed a SMART test, can REGLONE still be applied?

Yes, if the SMART test fails, then a maximum of 1.0 l/ha REGLONE can be applied.  Remember the maximum total dose of REGLONE in potatoes is 5.0 l/ha.

CUBANITA winter wheat is no longer on the Recommended List, is this still available and why has it been removed?

CUBANITA is still available.  It was decided to take it off the RL because sales were below 2%.

Why is there no rating for net blotch on the Recommended List for spring barley?

Spring barley varieties are not usually prone to net blotch and has not been seen in many years.

Why is REFLECTION rated as a 6 for Yellow rust, where there has been high levels in this variety this season?

AHDB give this rating based on the previous 5 years trials results.  This is subject to change early next year.