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FAQs July 2017

When was the application of ACTELLIC 50EC to fabric of grain stores removed from the label?

January 2010

Noticed that the AMISTAR TOP label/MAPP number has been changed, when does the old labelled product have to be used up by?

Sale and distribution must sell by 31 January 2018 and growers must use ulp by 31 January 2019 (MAPP 12761).

Does BERET GOLD provide good control of leaf stripe in barley crops grown for seed?

In crops grown for seed the control of leaf stripe may not be sufficient to prevent higher levels of leaf stripe being seen in daughter crops.

Can REGLONE still be used on oats? It is still on the authorisation certificate on the CRD website.

It is not illegal to use REGLONE on oats, but it is no longer on the label, therefore Syngenta cannot accept any liability if there was an issue and will not support this use.

Can REGLONE still be used on seed crops of barley under the EAMU, which are still available on the CRD website?

Syngenta have no control over EAMU’s, therefore the grower will need to contact CRD. If a seed crop of barley is treated with REGLONE and is rejected for that end market, the crop cannot go for the feed market and will have to be destroyed.

Why does the processor have to be informed if a wetter is added to REGLONE to desiccate peas?

If a pod is split when anything is applied then this can taint the pea and be rejected by the processor.

When should REGLONE be applied to linseed?

When the majority of bols are rattling in the pods and the crop has less than 14% moisture content. Best to apply REGLONE in the evening for better uptake.

Can VIBRANCE DUO be co-applied with AUSTRAL PLUS?

No, as this will exceed the dose of fludioxonil.

Can VIBRANCE DUO be used on barley?

No as DUO doesn’t have enough activity on barley diseases.

Which of the Syngenta winter wheat varieties are the highest yielding as a 2nd wheat?