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FAQs August 2015

Will DEFY control ryegrass in winter wheat?

DEFY will reduce ryegrass populations at 4-5 l/ha pre-em plus a mixture partner.

What is the difference between the old DEFY nozzle and the new 3D DEFY nozzle

The new 3D DEFY nozzle has a coefficient of variation >5% which in practice translates into an even distribution of product between varying boom heights of 50-75 cms, coupled with drift reduction of 60%-75% compared to a conventional flat fan. 

What sizes are available for the new 3D DEFY nozzle?

They are available in 03, 035, 04, 05 and 06, depending on water volumes and forward speed.

What is the earliest drilling date for GRAHAM winter wheat?

1 September

What is the optimum time to drill HYVIDO Hybrid barleys?

England – mid-September to end October. Scotland – mid-September to mid-October.

Can the seed rate of HYVIDO Hybrid barleys be increased to get more black-grass suppression?

Syngenta’s advice remains at 200-250 seeds/m2. Increasing the seed rate could lead to erect growth and therefore could be detrimental to black-grass suppression.

What are the disease ratings for SY HARNAS winter oilseed rape variety?

Phoma = 6, Light leaf spot = 7.

Can REGLONE be used in malting barley?

No, REGLONE can only be used in laid barley for feed.  TOUCHDOWN QUATTRO has a label recommendation for use in malting barley.

What is the harvest interval for REGLONE in potatoes?

There isn’t one, unless the grower is wanting skin set, then it’s 14 days.

With the increasing risk of diseases in sugar beet and the revocation of SPYRALE, what product from Syngenta can be used instead?

ARMURE which contains propiconazole and difenoconazole for all sugar beet diseases at 0.6 l/ha x 2 applications.