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FAQs April16

What is the interval between applying a hormone herbicide and AXIAL?

If a hormone herbicide is applied first, then need to wait 21 days before applying AXIAL.  If AXIAL applied first, then only need to wait 7 days before applying a hormone herbicide.

What is the dose rate of DEFY in mix with metribuzin in potatoes, some of which have just emerged?

DEFY at 4.0 l/ha + metribuzin at 0.5 kg/ha + RETRO at 2.0 l/ha as crop has emerged.  If DEFY is mixed with RETRO, do not add a non-ionic wetter.  Trials have shown that DEFY is safe up to 10% crop emergence in mix when RETRO is included in the mix. DEFY is approved for use up to potato emergence (soil rising over emerging potato shoots).

Has Poppy and Mayweed in potatoes, going to treat with DEFY. What can be added to give better control of these two weeds?

In trials metribuzin at 0.5 kg/ha + DEFY at 4.0 l/ha has given improved control of Poppy and Mayweed.

Pea and bean weevil are on the increase now that the weather is warming up, what is the recommended rate of HALLMARK ZEON?

75 mls/ha, but remember this will only control the adult weevils.

Is pyrethroid resistance to pea and bean weevil now widespread?

No, it has only been found in a few locations, but the general picture is that the majority of populations are susceptible. Therefore 75 mls/ha HALLMARK ZEON would still be advised where pea and bean weevil are present.

Can KEYSTONE/SEGURIS be tank mixed with AXIAL + ADIGOR?

No, KEYSTONE/SEGURIS cannot be mixed with any graminicides + adjuvants as the mix has been known to cause crop scorch.

What is the best timing for applying MODDUS to spring oats?

Apply MODDUS alone at 0.2 l/ha at GS30-31.  The latest growth stage cut-off is before GS32.  Applying at/after GS32 can lead to ear trapping and blind grain sites as well as being illegal.

Which of the Syngenta products have arthropod buffer zones?


What is the parentage of LAUREATE Spring barley?

Sanette & Concerto

Which Syngenta winter wheat varieties have Septoria disease rating higher than a 5?