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FAQs April 2018

Can an SU be tank mixed with AXIAL + ADIGOR?

Yes, as long as the AXIAL is applied at the full dose rate for the target weed, i.e., wild oats – 0.3 l/ha, ryegrass – 0.45 l/ha, and weeds are actively growing. If applying separately and AXIAL is applied first, then 7 days must elapse before an SU can be applied, but if an SU is applied first, then 21 days must elapse before AXIAL can be applied.

Has the MAPP No for CALLISTO changed, only the new one doesn’t have the EAMU for linseed?

The MAPP No for CALLISTO (12323) has not been changed. There is a company called PSI who are also marketing a product called CALLISTO and it is this MAPP No 17512 that is being confused with Syngenta’s CALLISTO.  The EAMU for CALLISTO (MAPP 12323) in linseed still exists.

Will CALLISTO control volunteer mustard in maize?

Trials have shown CALLISTO to be very active against mustard.

Can DUAL GOLD be used on maize going under fleece or plastic?

There is no label or EAMU approval in the UK for such use, but SAMCO are promoting this in Eire.

Crop of winter wheat failed. Had DEFY in the autumn, what crops can be drilled now?

Anything except beans, but must plough if wanting to grow carrots, lettuce, onions, sugar beet or potatoes.

Has DEFY still got an EAMU for use in spring wheat?

Unfortunately, this EAMU was not gained when the MAPP No changed from 12606 to 16202.

Is all of a crop protection product label now statutory, because in the past only the STAT Box was?

Yes, all of the label is statutory except anything under the section ‘Company Advisory Information’.

What is the latest drilling date for PROPINO spring barley?

Mid-end April. If drilled beyond end of April, there could be the possibility of a yield penalty.

In what order should products be added to a sprayer tank?

WSBs fb WDGs fb WPs fb SCs fb ECs/EW’s fb adjuvants/trace elements.

Which Syngenta products have been divested to Adama?

All IZM-containing products: Bontima, Cebara, Concorde, Keystone, Micaraz, Reflect, Seguris, Symetra, Zulu plus Karate 2.5WG, Aphox, Plenum WG, Priori Xtra and Topik.