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FAQs Oct 15

Can DEFY be mixed with Cyclops (bromoxynil + DFF) + HALLMARK post-emergence in winter wheat?

Syngenta will not support this mix post-emergence in winter wheat. The tank mix is compatible, but there is no crop safety data available to support.

Will the new DEFY 3D nozzles have LERAP * ratings?

Yes, the 03’s & 035’s have been given 2* ratings and the 04’s & 05’s have been given 3* ratings.

Notice that PLOVER has been re-registered with a new MAPP No. 17288, what has changed on the label?

Winter wheat has been removed from the PLOVER label and the dose rates and maximum number of applications have been changed for oilseed rape and brassicas.

When does the old PLOVER label (MAPP 11763) have to be used up by?

Use of existing PLOVER (MAPP 11763) stocks will have to be used up by 30 April 2017.

What are the changes on the WAKIL XL label now that the MAPP number has changed (MAPP 17217)?

The new WAKIL XL label (MAPP 17217) has a drilling restriction added – ‘no planting between 29 September to 1 April’.

What are the use up dates for WAKIL XL (MAPP 10562)?

Sale and distribution of existing stocks will end on 31 March 2016. Disposal, storage and use of existing stock will end on 31 March 2017.

How late can HYVIDO winter barleys be drilled?

Up to the end November in the UK and up to the end October in Scotland, but remember to increase the seed rate.Do not exceed 260 seeds/m2.

What is the parentage of REFLECTION winter wheat?

Denman x Oakley.

When will GRAHAM winter wheat be available on farm?

Early autumn 2016.

What are GRAHAM’s key attributes?

Excellent Septoria control, early maturity and early drilling.