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April 2020

Is there a label approval for the use of ALTO Elite in spring barley and triticale?

There is a label approval for the use of ALTO Elite in spring barley but not triticale (not even an EAMU). Remember the use up date for chlorothalonil containing products is 20 May 2020.

Can AXIAL Pro be mixed with SU’s and fluroxypyr for use on winter wheat?

Yes, but ensure that the rate of AXIAL Pro is the full rate for the target weed, i.e., wild oats = 0.82 l/ha. For the chemical to be taken up, the weeds must be actively growing.

Does AXIAL Pro have any activity on volunteer maize and millet in spring barley?

Trials have shown that AXIAL Pro does have activity against volunteer maize and millet at the 0.82 l/ha dose rate.

Now that CALARIS has gone, which is the best Syngenta mixture partner for CALLISTO if broad-leaved weeds are an issue?

Would suggest a robust mix would be 0.75-1.0 l/ha CALLISTO + 0.02 kg/ha PEAK for good general broad-leaved weed control. If grass weeds present, then suggest 0.125 l/ha MILAGRO 240OD in mix with 0.75 l/ha CALLISTO. Preferably apply at or before the 4 true leaf stage of the crop for optimum weed control.

Want to use a robust fungicide mix at T2 in winter wheat as rust just keeps coming, what do Syngenta suggest as a dose rate for ELATUS Era?

In high yellow rust situations, suggest rates of between 0.8-1.0 l/ha ELATUS Era +/- triazole + multi-site (i.e., BRAVO (before 20 May 2020) or folpet).

Are the ELATUS Era brands (benzovindiflupyr) approved for use on malting barley?

Yes, they are approved on the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) listing with no growth stage cut-off.

Should EVOLYA have ADIGOR added whether used alone or in tank mix in maize?

Yes, it should be added.

Spring barley requiring PGR’s, what does Syngenta suggest?

At GS30-32 apply 0.1 l/ha MODDUS to promote stem strength and rooting and in high lodging situations, follow up with 0.75 l/ha ethephon (e.g., Terpal) at GS37-39

Can 2 SU’s be applied to a crop of maize, i.e., MILAGRO fb PEAK?

There is a clause on the MILAGRO label which prohibits mixing or sequencing with other SU’s in maize, but other competitor SU’s do not have this clause. Read the labels carefully before application.

Can Syngenta maize products be mixed with fluroxypyr?

There is a clause on the fluroxypyr label which prohibits mixing with any other product in maize.