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Adjuvants from Syngenta Ornamentals

Got a few questions about using adjuvants, in particular Stena on your ornamental crops? Have a read through our FAQ's to help you out.

What is it?

Stena is an one of a kind adjuvant based on polyglycerol and fatty coconut acids

Why add Stena to your tank mix?

  • Promotes the wetting of the leaf surface
  • Improves foliar uptake of an active ingredient
  • Improves retention
  • Improves coverage
  • Without the risk of run off

What’s different about Stena from other adjuvants?

Stena is an ornamental dedicated adjuvant. During the development one of the key issues was to avoid is phytotox. The product has already been in the Dutch market for 16 years and no phytotox issues have been observed. Stena contains renewable ingredients of natural origin and has no hazardous classification.

What can I mix it with?

At Syngenta we’ve tested Stena with several different crop protection products, ask your distributor or consultant which mixes improve the efficacy of the crop protection product. 

How much improvement will I see using Stena?

In general, we have seen an improved efficacy of crop protection products between 20-40%.