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ELATUS™ ERA - Protection inside and out

ELATUS™ ERA - What's happening inside the leaf?

Economically damaging cereal diseases, such as Septoria and rusts, cause significant damage inside the leaf way before any signs of infection can be seen by the naked eye, highlighting the importance of a preventative approach to disease control. The application of a powerful, long-lasting T2 SDHI fungicide, such as ELATUS™ ERA, will protect the leaf inside and out, and help prevent disease taking hold. 

What is microscopy?

Microscopy is used to examine how diseases affect plants and their ability to perform and grow at a cellular level, that can not be seen with the naked eye.

It has been used to understand how ELATUS™ ERA works on diseases to ensure the disease is controlled before it can be seen by eye, and before it's too late.

This work explains what differentiates ELATUS™ ERA and its chemical properties, including droplet distribution and spread, chemical uptake in the plant and rainfastness, making it a market-leading fungicide.

Solatenol Septoria on wheat day 1

ELATUS™ ERA under the microscope


Brown rust

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Solatenol Field Trials

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*for optimum disease control, Syngenta recommend preventative application