The ELATUS™ ERA Journey - Discovery

Healthy wheat leaf

Discovery of ELATUS™ ERA

The journey first began in 2005, when ELATUS™ ERA was initially discovered as a compound with potential by Harald Water, Syngenta's Research Portfolio Manager.

Over the past 11 years ELATUS™ ERA has passed through rigorous testing processes, including formulation testing, microscopy and biokinetic studies and hundreds of field trials.

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ELATUS™ ERA - the molecule

As an SDHI fungicide, ELATUS™ ERA works by stopping diseases such as Septoria and rusts respiring because of its ability to bind very effectively with specific enzymes. This means the fungus is starved of energy, and can no longer survive.
Due to its distribution and activity on and inside the leaf, ELATUS™ ERA prevents infection at the initial stages of disease development, providing complete leaf protection.

Long-lasting disease control

ELATUS™ ERA - Long-lasting disease control

Syngenta’s biokinetic team have developed a deep understanding of what ELATUS™ ERA does from the moment it’s sprayed onto the leaf. After application, ELATUS™ ERA moves into the leaf and accumulates within the wax layer creating a reservoir. This reservoir is maintained over a prolonged period of time and is slowly metered into the leaf cells.This measured rate of uptake, combined with the acropetal movement within the xylem system from the base to the tip of the leaf, provides long-lasting disease control against key cereal diseases.

Healthy wheat leaf

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