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Elatus Era

The ELATUS™ ERA Journey


ELATUS™ ERA is our new powerful SDHI fungicide that we’ve brought to market with our global team of dedicated experts through a 15 year journey of extensive research and development.

By protecting the inside and outside of the leaf, ELATUS™ ERA delivers enhanced green leaf area and proven yield benefits across different cereal crops, varieties and disease situations.

Septoria on wheat - day 20 of infection after preventative SOLATENOL™
Solatenol discovery and formulation

ELATUS™ ERA delivering in the field

See its consistent performance for yourself

Solatenol biokinetics

The science behind ELATUS ™ ERA

Understand how it delivers powerful disease control

Solatenol microscopy

ELATUS™ ERA under the microscope

Recognise the importance of complete leaf protection

ELATUS™ ERA Consistently delivering powerful, long lasting disease control

ELATUS™ ERA - Complete leaf protection

Prevention is key when is comes to controlling economically damaging cereal diseases. Therefore, protecting the flag leaf, with a powerful, long-lasting, T2 fungicide is vital for high yielding crops. Watch our video to understand how Septoria and rusts can take hold if not controlled by a proven, SDHI fungicide applied preventatively.





SOLATENOL Forfar demo day

ELATUS™ ERA Seeing is believing

Our Innovation Centres bring products to life. Watch our video to hear first-hand what growers and agronomists thought of ELATUS™ ERA in field trials. When it comes to ELATUS™ ERA, seeing really is believing.