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Digital solutions are becoming increasingly important in agriculture as farmers seek innovative ways to produce food  more sustainably and efficiently, whilst remaining profitable. Syngenta is the only company to have  industry-leading digital farming platforms in all the leading four agricultural markets. 

What is Protector?

The Protector app is a digital tool which provides agronomic insights to help you make informed decisions throughout the season and maximise the potential of your crop. Protector is customised to your farm; providing relevant data based on your location and the crops you are growing.‚Äč

Collect, record and analyse obervations from your field on the go. Watch to find out more.

What is Protector?

What is the disease risk feature?

A prediction tool that allows growers and agronomists to track the risk level of Septoria, Brown Rust, and Yellow Rust in their wheat fields.

Risk visualisation - Get a 5 day summary of the disease risk in your fields.

In-depth 10 day forecast - See predicted growth stage changes, weather, and spray window.

Alerts - Be notified about increased risks for specific fields or diseases.

Disease Risk Desktop
Disease Risk Mobile 3
Disease Risk Mobile 2
Disease Risk Mobile 1

Did you know?

The predictive model has been built, refined, and validated with data collected within Syngenta, from over 15 years of studies.

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