Ensuring the safety of our products is a key part of product development.

Developing chemicals into products

A formulation chemistActive ingredients (AIs) have to be formulated before they can be sold as products. A successful formulation means the chemical is effective and safe to use in the environment.

Product safety

Product safety testingAll crop protection products have to be regulated by government bodies in the countries and regions where they will be sold. Authorisation is based on a rigorous risk assessment that must conclude that the product is safe to the operator, the consumer, and the environment, when used according to the recommendations on the label.

Our Product Safety team at Jealott’s Hill concentrates on studying all aspects of our products' environmental behaviour and ensuring they are safe for food production. Much of this work is carried out with universities and colleagues at Syngenta research sites. The rigorous scientific understanding gained ensures the safety of our products.

After Launch

Even after a product is approved for sale, work on it does not stop. Our scientists continue to look for further product enhancements, such as improving convenience for farmers. We are also ready to respond to changes in the market to ensure our products have a successful lifespan.