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DEFY 3D Nozzles

New DEFY 3D nozzles give 2.5 times more coverage, and reduce drift by over 50% compared to using a flatfan.

Benefits of DEFY Nozzle

Best weed control pre-emergence Works with modern farm sprayers
Best weed control post-emergence Most advanced nozzle on the market!
Excellent reduction in drift Drop spectrum tailored for grass weed control
Reduced sensitivity to boom height Optimised for 70 cm boom height


DEFY 3D nozzle even distribution
Efficacy of 3D nozzle

Engineered for ultimate performance

With the increasing controlling difficult black-grass, the need to gain maximum efficacy from pre-emergence applications is even greater.
In response to this, and to the evolving needs of modern application methods, Syngenta have developed the NEW DEFY 3D nozzle for autumn and spring operations.

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