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Cereals LIVE 2020 - BYDV

Dr Max Newbert

Pest Management Webinar

Join us for a 30 minute webinar to provide growers with updates around insecticides...

BYDV Assist App

Following the loss of neonicotinoid seed treatments in cereals, crops this autumn will be at higher risk of Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) infection from aphids. An IPM approach should be taken to reduce the risk, as well as regularly scouting fields for aphid presence which indicates risk of primary infection

BYDV Assist is a scouting app designed to aid in decision making, you can use this tool to optimise spray timing to target the second generation of aphids.

Watch the video to see Paul Roche explain how the app works, and click below to learn more, download the app, and see our latest findings.

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