Grass weeds

Syngenta grass weed research at the Barton Black-grass Innovation Centre and Doncaster Ryegrass Innovation Centre is combining innovative and practical integrated control solutions to manage grass weed populations – and it is working. Use this page to explore how you could incorporate various techniques into your on-farm strategies.

Seed Treatments

This season has shown that building a resilient cereal crop to cope with ever more unpredictable weather is crucial. Seed treatments also protect against seed & soil-borne diseases as well as bringing fast emergence, good rooting and strong early crop development.


With establishing cereals this autumn being at the forefront of many people’s minds and with the potential threat of BYDV, explore this area for updates on our BYDV trials as well as the new and improved BYDV Assist App launching this summer.


Innovation Centre

Innovation Centres

Innovation Centres are a great opportunity for you to see the work our trialists

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