Cereals Event

Our stand at Cereals provides the perfect opportunity for you to talk to our technical experts about issues you face on farm and understand how our exciting new technologies can help you to overcome key concerns.  With our expertise in seeds and crop protection with your knowledge and experience of your farm, we can work together to help you get the best from your land.

Extensive variety plots

Winter wheats, hybrid winter feed barleys, malting barleys, as well as seven new varieties. Meet the breeders and learn about how to get the best from the varieties on your farm, and grow for your end market.

Adaptive disease management

Adaptive disease management

Using ‘known’ risk factors – of variety, drilling date and location – together with evolving in-season weather risks, to develop practical approaches to minimise yield loss. Discuss how this approach is working at our Innovation Centres this season.

Rooting and establishment

Good crop establishment requires development of healthy root structures to get the most from the soil. This is increasingly important in light of life after neonicotinoids and with practices such as delayed drilling to help reduce black-grass populations. Test your knowledge of seed and soil-borne diseases with our interactive plots and pots.

Grassweed management

Explore our Barton Black-grass Focus Trials Site using Virtual Reality. We share practical solutions for effective black-grass management. Discover a full range of agronomy tools and innovative techniques and see how our ideas could be integrated into your programme.


We want to support a sustainable future for agriculture in the UK. Talk to our application experts about getting the best from your sprayer, understanding buffer zones, mitigating against run-off, Operation Pollinator seed mixtures, and a fi¬ve year project investigating conservation agriculture and sustainable farming practices.

Future of farming

As an industry we’re facing a number of challenges, from loss of actives to resistance and economics. Visit us for a bite to eat and a chat with our team. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what the future of technology in crop production could look like.

FSOOTY winners 2012

FSOOTY winner announcement

We’ll be announcing the Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year 2019 at Cereals

Improve precision and efficiency

Experts James, Sam and Rory will be on hand to answer your application questions

Innovation Centres

Seeing is believing

View our latest in-field trials at Innovation Centre Open Days in June/July

iOSR growers

iOSR meet-up

An opportunity to meet our industry-leading iOSR growers and ask burning questions

Operation Pollinator bee

Buzzing margins

Our stand will be host to our beautiful Operation Pollinator Wildflower Mixtures

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Watch our highlights from Cereals 2019

With virtual reality black-grass tours, interactive pots and plots, nozzle demonstrations and 3D microscopy imagery, there were plenty of ways to get hands on at Cereals Event. Thank you for joining us; we look forward to seeing you at one of our in season trials events.