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Cereal disease

Stay on the front-foot against disease

Investing in crops is an easy decision when commodity prices are high, but this decision can be more complex when commodity prices fall and financial pressures increase. Optimising your fungicide sprays in order to maximise your yield and increase your financial return is more important than ever during these tough periods. 

Stay on the front foot against disease and MINIMISE RISK, MAXIMISE POTENTIAL.

Protect Your Crop

As soon as a leaf emerges it is exposed to infection. While it can be tempting to cut inputs if little disease is visible, latent infection can already be present. Use your fungicide programme as a 'line of defence' to 'forward protect' your crops in order to prevent disease gaining a foothold, avoiding incurable yield damage.

Protect your wheat crop against disease

Winter Wheat Fungicide Strategy

  • An effective T0 provides a sound foundation to protect against key cereal diseases and any delays when spraying your T1. In consultation with your agronomist, use the decision tree below to help decide on an effective T0 strategy for your crop. 

T0 strategy for September-drilled crops

September drilled wheat T0

T0 strategy for late-drilled crops

Late-drilled wheat T0
  • A timely and persistant T1 spray is essential for staying on the front foot against disease, reducing the likelihood of entering into a curative T2 situation. Use the decision tree below to help decide on an effective T1 strategy for your crop.

T1 strategy following T0 application

T1 after T0 drilled decision tree

T1 strategy following no T0

T1 without T0 decision tree

Winter Barley Fungicide Strategy

  • With barley acreage increasing in recent years, it is important to ensure maximum finanical contribution to the rotation. Barley varieties (both conventional and hybrid) have historically been treated the same when it comes to fungicides, however, just like wheat, varieties vary enormously in their susceptibility to different pathogens, so need treating accordingly.

Fungicide strategy by variety

Winter barley variety fungicide table