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Introducing the Art of Application


Introducing the Art of Application!

We promised you that we would be bringing you useful content and information all about ornamentals and we believe that our Art of Application series is just that.


What is it?

Not usually ones to blow our own trumpets, but Syngenta have a long history when it comes to exploring application techniques and new technologies. We have developed specific nozzles for specific products in the past. Heard of the Spray Dudes? That’s Syngenta. We have an Art of Application Academy in Turf and we’re searching out the best applicators and the FSOOTY in arable. That’s Farm Spray Operator of The Year for those not in the know. Remember Sprays and Sprayers? That’s Syngenta too. What I’m saying is, we have got a little experience to back us up and we want to share this with you so you can get the most out of the sprays you are applying.


All that knowledge means we can now hone those skills to ornamentals. Something I have mentioned before is just how diverse the “ornamentals” crop actually is and this certainly doesn’t end when we think about the complexities of spray applications. Having spent some time with a spray operator at a nursery recently, he introduced me to a new word that even having applied sprays myself I had never come across. A cross between a spray… and a drench. Sprench. What a brilliant way to describe applications for those dense ornamental crops like clematis.


How does it help me?

As we’ve been out walking and talking with people in the past few months, something that’s really struck us is the thirst for knowledge within ornamentals. Think of the Art of Application as a one stop shop of spray application knowledge. Just a few of the topics you can expect to see are:


  • Why coverage is important
  • Water volumes
  • Pressure
  • Droplet size

Where can I find this knowledge?

We have created a series of videos that are over on our YouTube channel. You can either settle down and watch the lot or keep an eye on our blog where Glenn will be expanding on the videos to make sure you get the maximum information on each subject. Either way, if you follow our social channels or subscribe to blog updates, this information will be hard to miss and that’s intentional.


We hope you find this useful, if you like it, tell us, write to us, comment and share with your colleagues. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your crop protection applications and if you feel like you are not, then that is where we can help out.


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