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Ornamentals Advisory Blog

We know growing ornamental crops can be challenging at the best of times but hopefully our blog will provide some light relief from the daily trappings of being an ornamentals grower.


  • The epitome of Christmas horticulture – the poinsettia

    Ornamentals Advisory Blog
    Poinsettia. Other than the Christmas tree, it’s the horticultural symbol of Christmas, isn't it? With “The Big Day” just a couple of weeks away, the 12th December is in fact National Poinsettia... Read more
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  • Introducing the Art of Application

    Ornamentals Advisory Blog
    Introducing the Art of Application! We promised you that we would be bringing you useful content and information all about ornamentals and we believe that our Art of Application series is just that... Read more
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  • The Art of Application: Droplets? Tick. What next?

    Ornamentals Advisory Blog
    Welcome to the next blog in our Art of Application Series. You may recall in our last blog that we spoke about the types of droplet sizes and their relation to nozzles and pressure. While these are... Read more
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  • Coverage and droplets: the essentials

    Ornamentals Advisory Blog
    Good coverage. It’s essential. Want to get the most out of your applications? The place to start is good coverage and droplet size. It’s important for us, as the crop protection manufacturer,... Read more
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  • Operators: Reducing your exposure levels

    Ornamentals Advisory Blog
    Welcome to the first blog in our Art of Application series!Ornamental controls is a fairly new area for me and whilst I have over 20 years of hands-on experience in spray applications in the turf... Read more
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  • Need BASIS Points for Ornamentals? Sign up!

    Ornamentals Advisory Blog
    Being BASIS qualified in the ornamentals arena can sometimes prove difficult to get the number of points you need each year. Therefore you will be pleased to know that just by signing up to our... Read more
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  • The British seasonal cornerstone

    Ornamentals Advisory Blog
    Looks like Glenn has let me loose on his blog again… Back in mid-September I went on a late September flower arranging course. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon I thought, but what I also... Read more
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  • Are biological solutions the golden goose we're after?

    Ornamentals Advisory Blog
    Questions. We’re surrounded by them on a daily basis. “Questioning” is seen as a positive thing, being “inquisitive” is a sign you’re “curious”. So this week I’m going to be asking the questions... Read more
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  • What's in the bottle?

    Ornamentals Advisory Blog
    Everything is a formulation. From the products we use to clean our kitchens to the paint on our walls, to the milk you put on your cereal each morning. Yep. Even cows milk, which is basically fat... Read more
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  • Meet the UK Ornamentals Team

    Ornamentals Advisory Blog
    Hi, I’m Liz Green and I’m the Marketing Communications Manager for Ornamental Controls at Syngenta. For this blog post, I’ve hijacked the Ornamentals Advisory Blog to introduce the UK and what we can... Read more
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