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Thank you for purchasing AXIAL Pro® and scanning the QR code on the label. We are pleased to be able to provide you with 12-months free access to Protector.

What is Protector?

The Protector app is a digital tool which provides agronomic insights to help you make informed decisions throughout the season and maximise the potential of your crop. Protector is customised to your farm; providing relevant data based on your location and the crops you are growing.​ Collect, record and analyse obervations from your field on the go.

This offer enables a specific plan to scout for wild oats, ryegrass and black-grass.

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If you do not have a Spray Assist account, you will need to click below register a Syngenta Digital account to access your free 12-month Protector plan.

Download Syngenta Spray Assist

The simple to use app links to live local weather data to analyse the factors that influence accurate application and potential risk of spray drift, including wind, rain or frost. The app suggests techniques to enable sprayer operators to mitigate risks or alter practices.

 Get guidance for:

  • 16 different crop types
  • Over 45 application timings and targets
  • More 10 leading nozzle manufacturers
  • Over 600 different nozzle types

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