Agronomic tips for integrated ryegrass cultivation control

Ryegrass is an increasing issue on most farms where the weed is present. A combination of crop establishment and agronomy techniques can make it more prevalent, along with more serious incidence of herbicide resistance. 

Check out these Integrated Weed Manangement techniques to tackle ryegrass species during stubble cultivations and establishment:

Ryegrass – Lolium sp.

  • Both Italian and Perennial ryegrass germinate in the autumn, so cultivate ground immediately after harvest to encourage germination.
  • Autumn germinating plants produce around 23 times more seeds than spring germinating ones, so target your herbicide applications in the autumn.
  • Delaying drilling will help with this grass weed. Ryegrass can still germinate after you drill, but the percentage emerging will be far less.
  • Rotational ploughing (1 in 4-5 years) followed by several years of shallow cultivations is the best cultural control options for this grass weed.
  • Stale seedbeds will help to reduce weed pressure ahead of drilling