Agronomic tips for integrated black-grass cultivation control

Check out these Integrated Weed Manangement techniques to tackle black-grass species during stubble cultivations and establishment:

Black-grass – Alopecurus myosuroides

  • Rotational ploughing (1 in 4-5 years) is the best cultural control option for this grass weed.
  • Be mindful that with rotational ploughing you may bring older viable seed back to the surface.
  • Seed longevity is 1-5 years with around an 80% seed decline in year one when buried (ploughed).
  • Stale seedbeds will help to reduce weed pressure ahead of drilling.
  • Rolling after drilling to reduce soil clods that black-grass can emerge from later in season.
  • Shallow tillage systems (5 cm depth or less) will favour the development of this weed.