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Welcome to the Cashback Yield Guarantee. Registration is now closed.

We are confident that HYVIDO® will yield at least 0.5 t/ha more than conventional varieties, measured by an independent third party on reference fields…
…if not, Syngenta will pay growers £60/ha for eligible registered crops*.

Here you will find more details on the guarantee, as well as in season updates and agronomy advice.

How does the CBYG work?

HYVIDO® will be compared to conventional varieties on a network of independently audited reference fields – monitored by ADAS and AgSpace to ensure fairness and transparency in comparisons.
When you register your HYVIDO® crop for the guarantee, you will automatically be allocated your three nearest reference fields. The average yield difference between HYVIDO® and the conventional variety across your allocated reference fields will determine if HYVIDO® has delivered a yield advantage of 0.5 t/ha and if you are eligible for a claim....

CBYG map

Taking part

All HYVIDO® varieties are eligible to be entered for the guarantee.
To be eligible for a claim and to help get the best out of HYVIDO®, growers must register their crop and agree to follow some simple, flexible agronomic inputs and practices which all allow freedom to grow HYVIDO® appropriately to the season:

These have been designed as a framework to help maximise HYVIDO® yield but they are only part of the crop’s overall agronomy. It is important that agronomists and growers use their local knowledge and expertise to grow the crop. Agronomists provide a key role in ensuring crops comply with the guarantee protocol whilst tailoring programmes within the terms of the guarantee to meet seasonal needs.

Staying informed

Syngenta will send registered growers and agronomists email reminders ahead of key input decisions to help ensure growers’ crops remain eligible for the guarantee and to help them get the best from their own crop of HYVIDO®.

Receiving payments

If HYVIDO® does not outyield the conventional barley by an average of 0.5 t/ha or more at growers’ three reference sites they will be notified that they are eligible for a claim. In order to receive cashback growers must fill out a simple form and prove that they have followed the HYVIDO® programme by submitting field record sheets and ALL of the relevant purchase invoices (seed and chemical). Syngenta will aim to make payment into eligible growers’ accounts by the end of the year in which the claim was made.